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Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
About two decades ago, a consensus began to take root among educators and policymakers that school systems in the United States could no longer afford to ignore the inadequate building conditions that made teaching and learning difficult in many classrooms. Since then, billions of dollars have been spent, and thousands of modern classrooms have…
Descriptors: Educational Facilities, School Construction, Academic Achievement, School Buildings
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
Schools and universities have to confront countless problems that threaten to divert them from their primary function: educating children. Insufficient funding, subpar facilities, lack of community support, dissatisfied employees and dysfunctional board members are just some of the obstacles that can prevent an education institution from achieving…
Descriptors: Budgets, Budgeting, Educational Finance, Educational Administration
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
At thousands of schools and universities, years of economic troubles have led to repeated budget cuts. The reductions typically fall disproportionately on maintenance departments, where cuts are viewed as less critical than those that directly affect classroom instruction. And so nearly every facility manager at an education institution faces a…
Descriptors: School Buildings, School Maintenance, Information Technology, Computer Uses in Education
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
It might be tempting for education administrators, saddled with an accumulation of budget cuts and dwindling resources, to keep their heads down and concern themselves with only the immediate future as they try to overcome a host of obstacles and provide a high-quality education to students. But schools and universities have to pay attention not…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Quality, Educational Finance, Elementary Secondary Education
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
Schools and universities across the United States have been forced to cope with a grim financial situation that has left them without adequate resources. Administrators are cutting programs, reining in salaries and jettisoning employees to keep operating budgets in line. Education institutions also have had to shutter facilities or postpone,…
Descriptors: Economic Climate, Educational Finance, School Construction, Educational Facilities Improvement
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
Continuing economic difficulties will challenge education institutions in the year ahead. For 2010 and beyond, budget realities may force administrators to close underused campuses, eliminate academic programs, lay off employees, delay or forgo construction and renovation projects, and cram more students into each classroom. At the same time, the…
Descriptors: Budgets, Educational Finance, Educational Administration, Budgeting
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
Stimulus funds unquestionably have helped many schools keep going through tough times, but for many institutions, the tough times aren't going away anytime soon. That is why, a little more than a year after Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and began allocating billions of dollars in aid across the nation, the so-called…
Descriptors: Economic Climate, Federal Legislation, Federal Aid, Federal Government
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
For many schools and universities, constructing a new facility isn't always a viable option. The envisioned facility may be too costly for a school system struggling with budget deficits. Maybe administrators can't find enough land in the right area to accommodate the type of facility needed. In some cases, the residents and businesses surrounding…
Descriptors: School Construction, Interior Space, Financial Support, Educational Facilities Design
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
The ailing economy has spared few schools and universities. Faced with funding cutbacks, most education administrators have had to make difficult choices about where to allocate dwindling resources. Even in the best of financial times, educating students is the first priority. When money is tight, school maintenance and operations (M&O)…
Descriptors: Management Systems, School Maintenance, Efficiency, Educational Finance
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
The 24-acre site south of Wilshire Boulevard in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles signifies different things to different people. To those with fond memories of the golden era of Hollywood glamour, the site is where starlets were discovered, some of the first Academy Award ceremonies were held, and where the Rat Pack hung out. To those…
Descriptors: Dropout Rate, Urban Areas, Urban Schools, Access to Education
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
Tax bases eroding. Jobs disappearing. Endowments shrinking. Aid evaporating. That's been the story in 2009 for many schools and universities across the nation. Education institutions have had to cope with the worst economic conditions in generations. Yet the product they provide has never been more critical to a society looking to rebound from…
Descriptors: Strategic Planning, Higher Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Educational Quality
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
This fall, the Los Angeles Unified School District sold about $2 billion in bonds to finance more projects in its massive school construction program. But the cost of repaying that debt won't be as burdensome as it could have been. Los Angeles took advantage of two federal programs available to school systems through the American Reinvestment and…
Descriptors: Tax Credits, School Construction, Energy Conservation, American Indians
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
When Fayette County (Kentucky) school officials began putting together estimates for upcoming renovation projects at two elementary schools, they based their projections on their district construction projects from 2007. But by February, when construction bids were opened for the renovations of Cassidy and Russell Cave elementary schools, the…
Descriptors: Elementary Schools, Educational Finance, Costs, Educational Facilities
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
This article presents 10 areas that education administrators can target as they work to create and maintain facilities that offer a high-quality learning climate. These areas are: budget, forward-thinking, community, health and safety, security, environmental stewardship, maintenance, learning climate, appealing and technology.
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), Educational Environment, Budgets, Educational Finance
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
Each year, the world evolves, but for education institutions, the cyclical nature of the school calendar means administrators come up against the same issues and challenges again and again. In 2008, schools and universities must deal with most of the same facility issues that they have addressed in some fashion before--how to provide safe and…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Enrollment Projections, School Construction
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