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Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
Years ago, as personal computers and other technological advancements began to find their way into classrooms and other educational settings, teachers and administrators sought ways to use new technology to benefit students. The potential for improving education was clear, but the limitations of the available education technology made it difficult…
Descriptors: Technological Advancement, Computers, Educational Technology, Electronic Learning
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
The education system has changed dramatically over the years, but the basic process still involves teachers conveying information and insights to students. The tools and strategies that help teachers accomplish this goal have evolved, and schools are continually in search of the piece of equipment that will enable them to educate more students…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Influence of Technology, Educational Change, Internet
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
Schools and universities across the United States have been forced to cope with a grim financial situation that has left them without adequate resources. Administrators are cutting programs, reining in salaries and jettisoning employees to keep operating budgets in line. Education institutions also have had to shutter facilities or postpone,…
Descriptors: Economic Climate, Educational Finance, School Construction, Educational Facilities Improvement
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
Step into a classroom in the 21st century, and the odds are it won't look all that different from one in the 20th century. One decade into the 2000s, many schools and universities have been frustrated in their efforts to upgrade their facilities and resources because of shrinking budgets. But even with the ailing economy, some education…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Educational Facilities, Conservation (Environment)
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
The education headlines have been filled with grim news about facility closings, teacher layoffs and program cutbacks. When the economic climate is gloomy, few areas of schools and universities are spared. In areas outside the classroom, such as safety and security, the cuts may be larger and come more quickly. When money is scarce, education…
Descriptors: School Security, School Safety, Educational Facilities Planning, Economic Climate
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
Some regions are prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or earthquakes. Other tragedies, such as fires or acts of violence, can occur just about anywhere. Regardless of the specific type of disaster, schools and universities must be prepared to cope with crises that can disrupt operations, destroy facilities, and displace students and staff.…
Descriptors: Natural Disasters, Violence, Emergency Programs, Crisis Management
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
A fundamental truth of building security is that one misplaced key constitutes a crack in the armor that protects a space from unwelcome intruders. Imagine the headaches for administrators and security officials at a large university, where thousands of keys that are distributed to students and staff never find their way back to school officials.…
Descriptors: School Security, School Buildings, Technological Advancement
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
It wasn't that long ago that when education architects and administrators raised the notion of green construction or sustainable-design strategies, they were met with head scratches and raised eyebrows. But in 2009, the energy-saving, water-conserving, environmentally friendly philosophies championed by those in the vanguard of the green schools…
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), School Construction, Architecture, Educational Facilities Design
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
For much of the 20th century, it was the engine that powered one of nation's most massive retail operations. By the beginning of the 21st century, the historic building was no longer needed to supply energy to what remained of the once bustling Sears, Roebuck and Co. campus on the West Side of Chicago. The original purpose of the Power House, as…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Educational Facilities Design, School Administration, High Schools