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Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1980
Although providing tuition tax credits to parents of children in private schools could provide several social benefits, several difficulties stand in the way of adopting such a policy. The major difficulty is that tuition tax credits stand a good chance of being declared unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. Tuition tax credit proposals…
Descriptors: Constitutional Law, Court Litigation, Educational Change, Elementary Secondary Education
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1982
There is a growing body of credible evidence that successful efforts can be made to improve the quality of secondary education despite cutbacks in educational resources. Such efforts are demanded by the current conservative public attitude toward education, as exemplified by movements for tax and spending limitations and for the return to…
Descriptors: Educational Attitudes, Educational Change, Educational Improvement, Educational Policy
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1984
State Education Agencies (SEAs), in their pivotal role of representing the interests of both the public and the education establishment, must make constant reassessment of the directions which may be taken to improve education, and of the policy issues and options to be examined. These policy-level considerations can be brought into focus by…
Descriptors: Change Strategies, Educational Change, Educational Policy, Policy Formation
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1983
Policy issues and their implications in the introduction of computer technology in the Northwest and Pacific schools are examined. Eight issues, focused on instructional uses of computer technology, are covered. (1) Establishing an overall state education agency (SEA) position will set the tone for statewide development of instructional…
Descriptors: Access to Education, Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Literacy, Computer Managed Instruction
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1979
The back-to-basics movement and public demands for educational quality guarantees have led state education agencies (SEA's) to examine their options in four areas: definition of the basics, relevant curricular and programming alternatives, alternatives for evaluating achievement of basics-related goals, and methods of reporting achievements to the…
Descriptors: Back to Basics, Basic Skills, Competency Based Education, Educational Assessment
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1979
Current public demands for increased educational quality can best be met at the state education agency (SEA) level, but the SEA is faced with the fact that no single, clearly acceptable definition of educational quality exists. As a result of this lack of consensus, the SEA must examine the policy options available before taking action. First,…
Descriptors: Agency Role, Educational Assessment, Educational Policy, Educational Quality
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1980
The options available to state education agencies (SEA's) facing decisions concerning the regulation of controversial course content are discussed in this paper, which uses the issue of whether or not to mandate the teaching of creationism as an example. The author first clarifies the issues in the debate over teaching creationism, touching on the…
Descriptors: Constitutional Law, Controversial Issues (Course Content), Creationism, Curriculum Development
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1980
Planning staff development programs to meet changing state education agency (SEA) needs can best be undertaken by considering first what the SEA is trying to accomplish. If we look at the priorities and emphases given by the SEA to its various managerial, service, and leadership tasks, concepts of agency role and mission begin to emerge. By…
Descriptors: Agency Role, Educational Change, Elementary Secondary Education, Organizational Objectives
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1980
State education agencies (SEA's) must determine the policies most appropriate for the realization at the state level of the high priority placed on international education by the new U.S. Department of Education. The extent of international education (whether involving the study of different cultures, of foreign languages, of nations and…
Descriptors: Agency Role, Area Studies, Educational Objectives, Educational Policy
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1981
This paper poses and responds to 10 questions about the policy issues affecting state education agencies raised by the federal government's plans to reduce expenditures for education and to consolidate several categorical aid programs into two major block grants. These 10 questions focus on the shifting relationships among and responsibilities of…
Descriptors: Block Grants, Educational Finance, Educational Policy, Elementary Secondary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Hansen, Kenneth H. – Music Educators Journal, 1974
Author examined fraudulent views of accountability and then attempted to define the concept as well as its goals. (RK)
Descriptors: Accountability, Concept Formation, Critical Thinking, Definitions
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1979
Limitations on governmental taxing and/or spending, exemplified by the "Proposition 13" initiative in California, have been instituted or proposed in a large number of states. As the movement spreads, state education agencies (SEAs) and, especially, chief state school officers have fundamental policy decisions to make. Areas where the…
Descriptors: Accountability, Administrators, Agency Cooperation, Annotated Bibliographies
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1979
The comprehensiveness and specificity of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (Public Law 94-142) and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, and the detailed regulations that accompany them, might seem to foreclose any opportunity for states to develop and follow their own policies. However, reports from chief state school…
Descriptors: Academically Gifted, Compliance (Legal), Court Litigation, Disabilities
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1980
A survey of state education agencies (SEA's) in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, supported by a random sampling of SEA's elsewhere in the nation, revealed several aspects of education in which the publics of all the surveyed states expressed low confidence. This document identifies eight of these issues, indicating the…
Descriptors: Attitude Change, Educational Attitudes, Educational Improvement, Educational Quality
Hansen, Kenneth H. – 1981
The procedures followed in the accreditation of public and private schools in each of six northwestern states were examined to determine how current practices differed and what problems were perceived, and to help develop reasonable policy options for improvement. The first section of this report considers the legal basis for accreditation in the…
Descriptors: Accreditation (Institutions), Agency Role, Educational Policy, Elementary Secondary Education
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