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Bottoms, Gene; Young, Marna – Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), 2008
In 2005 and 2006, the "High Schools That Work" ("HSTW") program of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and the College and Career Transitions Initiative of the League for Innovation in the Community College (League) facilitated a series of 15 state-level forums aimed at identifying ways to foster collaboration between secondary and…
Descriptors: Careers, High Schools, Economic Progress, Career Planning
Bottoms, Gene – Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers (J1), 2008
One in four American students does not graduate from high school on time, if at all. Many of these young people blame schoolwork that failed to challenge them and assignments that meant nothing in their lives. More surprising are the large numbers of students who graduate from high school and enter college but do not receive a degree. They drop…
Descriptors: High Schools, Graduation Rate, Educational Change, Education Work Relationship
Bottoms, Gene; Young, Marna – Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), 2008
The authors advocate harnessing the applied teaching strategies of career/technical education (CTE) and infusing them into college-preparatory academics to transform secondary schools into high-performing centers of learning where students are both challenged and engaged. By pursuing this strategy, say the authors, states can help many more…
Descriptors: Careers, High Schools, Teamwork, Teaching Methods
Bottoms, Gene; Young, Marna; Uhn, John – Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), 2006
The primary objective of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) "High Schools That Work" ("HSTW") is to help schools improve so more students can reach their full potential. The "HSTW" Follow-up Study of 2004 Graduates is one measure that gauges how well schools have prepared their students for college and careers. Students' reflections on…
Descriptors: High Schools, Careers, Followup Studies, High School Graduates
Bottoms, Gene – Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers, 2006
The new vision for the 21st century is reflected in ACTE's recent position paper on strengthening the American high school through career and technical education. Teachers and administrators are encouraged to continue raising students' academic achievements and their high school completion rates. However, the way the American high school is…
Descriptors: Technical Education, Career Education, College Preparation, Educational Practices
Bottoms, Gene; Cobbs, Mary – 2003
The 1996 "High Schools That Work" Assessment report contains positive and negative findings about the effectiveness of the high school advisement process in guiding career-bound students into challenging academic programs that will equip them for work and postsecondary study. The assessment of reading, mathematics and science performance was given…
Descriptors: Academic Advising, Career Guidance, Education Work Relationship, Educational Counseling
Bottoms, Gene – 2003
This document describes the High Schools That Work (HSTW) program. HSTW, created by the Southern Regional Education Board, presents a school-reform design that encompasses goals, key practices, and key conditions for setting higher standards and accelerating learning. The HSTW model integrates college-preparatory studies with quality…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Change Agents, College Preparation, Education Work Relationship
Bottoms, Gene – 2002
Since 1987, more than 1,100 high schools in 35 states have adopted the High Schools That Work (HSTW) improvement design. The effectiveness of selected school and classroom practices included in the HSTW design was analyzed to identify implications for federal policy, the conditions that improve students' chances for success, and practices that…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Change Strategies, Classroom Techniques, Education Work Relationship
Bottoms, Gene; Presson, Alice – 2000
The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)-State Vocational Education Consortium's commitment to higher standards for and greater achievement of vocational students has brought substantial gains in student performance. SREB's High Schools That Work (HSTW), a school improvement initiative, documents achievement gains by vocational students. Data…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Academic Standards, Case Studies, Community Support
Bottoms, Gene; Presson, Alice – 2000
A study examined the following questions to ascertain what progress has been made in improving the educational achievement of vocational students through the "High Schools That Work" initiative: (1) What progress has been made in raising the achievement of vocational students to national averages or higher? (2) What things matter in…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Career Guidance, Curriculum, Curriculum Development
Bottoms, Gene; Makin, Richard – 1998
This document, which draws heavily on lessons learned during 11 years of the Southern Regional Education Board's High Schools That Work initiative, is intended to help state leaders review their existing system for assessing accountability in vocational education or plan such a system. The document begins with a discussion of the purpose of…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Academic Education, Academic Standards, Accountability
Bottoms, Gene – 1999
This publication contains descriptions of "outstanding practices" in high schools that had the most success in improving student performance by doing the best job of implementing one particular High Schools That Work key practice. The 33 efforts are organized according to which of these 10 key practices they reflect: high expectations…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Case Studies, Community Support, Education Work Relationship
Bottoms, Gene; Pucel, David J.; Phillips, Ione – 1997
This document is intended to help high school vocational-technical teachers design courses that result in high-quality learning for all their students. The book's seven chapters detail this process for designing courses that achieve the following results: model the concept of quality; produce independent learners; develop active participants in…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Change Strategies, Course Content, Course Descriptions
Bottoms, Gene; And Others – 1992
This book traces the High Schools That Work program from its inception and reports on practices that are helping schools effectively integrate academic and vocational education. Examples are included to illustrate what can be accomplished. Chapter 1 describes the program's goals, key practices, key conditions, and success. Chapter 2 shows how…
Descriptors: Academic Education, Counselor Role, Curriculum Development, Education Work Relationship
Bottoms, Gene – 1980
Vocational education serves secondary and postsecondary students, females and minority groups, special populations, and the disadvantaged. To administer vocational education, states use four basic governance structures. Keeping vocational curriculum current with the requirements of work is a continuing process. An effective program is a mix of…
Descriptors: Disabilities, Disadvantaged, Education Work Relationship, Educational Administration
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