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Librea-Carden, Mila Rosa L. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Very little research examines the critical intersection between science and special education (SPED), let alone between the nature of science (NOS) and SPED. Thus, this study focused on preservice SPED teachers' conceptions of NOS, their NOS instructional practices, and their perceptions of the influence of course components on their NOS…
Descriptors: Scientific Principles, Comprehension, Preservice Teachers, Student Attitudes
Southward, Julie D. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Poor reading skills can impact high school students identified with a specific learning disability and affect overall academic achievement. This is due in part to secondary-level academic requirements with limited opportunities for remediation. Reading deficits can persist into adulthood, often resulting in lower family socioeconomic status, fewer…
Descriptors: Intervention, Reading Fluency, Academic Achievement, High School Students
Kleinman, Molly A. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
MOOCs are large online courses in which any individual with access to the internet can enroll, usually for free. Distance and online education are not new, but the scale and scope of MOOCs raise novel questions about access to higher education, faculty work, and the adoption of new technologies for teaching and learning. There is little literature…
Descriptors: Online Courses, College Faculty, Mass Instruction, Risk
McMullin, Shelly Lynne – ProQuest LLC, 2018
This exploratory, mixed-methods study investigated the relationship between information literacy and critical thinking. The research question guiding the first portion of the study was: How do information literacy and critical thinking relate in undergraduate students conducting academic research? Using two standardized assessments, the study…
Descriptors: Correlation, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Undergraduate Students
O'Connor, Bennett – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Science self-efficacy is critical to the achievement and participation of students in science. The purpose of this study was to explore the factors (age, attitudes towards math, school climate, school rigorous expectations, and the number of advanced math and science courses taken) contributing to science self-efficacy in an Early College High…
Descriptors: Self Efficacy, High School Students, Science Education, Student Attitudes
English, Sherril H. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
For decades, urban public schools have been plagued by systemic and structural challenges that continue today. Scholars, policymakers, and the general public have pointed to problems of learning in urban schools and to low expectations for urban students' learning, but little attention has been given to how urban students themselves conceptualize…
Descriptors: Urban Schools, Student Attitudes, Cognitive Style, Elementary School Students
Blanchard, Myrna E. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Using a phenomenological approach, this qualitative study examined the perspectives of Latino parents and their involvement in the decision of their child to enroll in an advanced mathematics course in sixth grade. Since enrollment in Algebra I in high school is said to be a strong predictor of college attainment and with the growing number of…
Descriptors: Phenomenology, Mathematics Instruction, Hispanic American Students, Advanced Courses
Murray, Melonie Buchanan – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Across the United States, hundreds of universities house dance programs, and the vast majority of degrees offered through these programs focus on modern dance. Despite the mainstream popularity and cultural esteem of the dance genre of ballet, fewer than fifteen university programs offer ballet-focused degrees. From this relatively small number of…
Descriptors: Dance, Dance Education, Case Studies, Higher Education
Price, Charie Wesley – ProQuest LLC, 2018
This dissertation analyzed court decisions in injuries on school grounds cases under the Louisiana Governmental Claims Act. The question addressed was: How have the Louisiana courts interpreted the Louisiana Governmental Claims Act in litigation against Louisiana school districts and their employees? The intent of this study was to show how…
Descriptors: Court Litigation, School Districts, State Legislation, Boards of Education
Spierer, Jeremy A. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
This study was designed to better understand the factors that influence religious belief and change of belief during the freshman year of college. This study focused on a specific population: 256 emerging adults (ages 18-19 years old), all Orthodox Jews, men and women, who had studied for at least one year in Israel prior to entering college. They…
Descriptors: Religion, Beliefs, Religious Factors, Foreign Countries
Kelly, Elizabeth – ProQuest LLC, 2018
The purpose of this research was to explore how the personal and professional experiences of school leaders strengthened or hindered their ability to engage in social justice leadership to advance educational equity and encourage culturally proficient practices in their schools. I employed a descriptive multi-case study and the research was viewed…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Social Justice, Equal Education, Instructional Leadership
Prince, Coryn E. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
This qualitative case study examined the effect of PLCs on teacher self-efficacy, and whether the type of PLC structure on each campus affected efficacy. The overarching research question that guided the study was, to what extent does perceived teacher self-efficacy change as a result of the practice of PLCs? Participants were selected using…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Self Efficacy, Communities of Practice, Teacher Collaboration
Namalefe, Susan A. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Trends in tuition and financial aid policy have increased the number of students who borrow for higher education and the aggregate debt students acquire. Most research on student borrowing over the years has analyzed the effects of borrowing and the prospects of indebtedness on individual students' choices and persistence. However, dynamics at the…
Descriptors: Tuition, Debt (Financial), College Students, Academic Persistence
Gleason, Shana M. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Prior research has explored fixed and growth mindset theories and their relationship to the ways in which teachers understand intelligence and student achievement. However, a limited amount of research has explored how the identified mindset of teachers relates to teaching practices. The present study used a quantitative and qualitative approach…
Descriptors: Measures (Individuals), Investigations, Teacher Attitudes, Teaching Methods
Dougherty, Danielle M. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Students who are English Language Learners (ELLs) are at greater risk for negative school outcomes than their English proficient counterparts. Previous research has demonstrated the importance of engagement to promote academic achievement among students. However, little research has been conducted examining engagement among students who are ELLs.…
Descriptors: English Language Learners, Longitudinal Studies, Surveys, Kindergarten
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