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Bennardo, David P. – ProQuest LLC, 2007
It is an undeniable fact of our contemporary educational environment that Building Principals are required to take increased responsibility for student achievement. Despite this reality, the background literature offers few empirical studies connecting school leadership behaviors directly to student performance. However, the supporting research…
Descriptors: Principals, Administrator Responsibility, Teacher Effectiveness, Correlation
Justice, Nicola – ProQuest LLC, 2007
Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are responsible for instructing approximately 25% of introductory statistics courses in the United States (Blair, Kirkman, & Maxwell, 2013). Most research on GTA professional development focuses on structured activities (e.g., courses, workshops) that have been developed to improve GTAs' pedagogy and content…
Descriptors: Statistics, Graduate Students, Teaching Assistants, Communities of Practice
Alvarado-Boyd, Susan Esther – ProQuest LLC, 2006
A 2003 review of the literature shows a lack of formal institutional research focusing on the development of critical thinking as a situated experience--occurring in a specific context with a complex set of dynamics. Rather, much of the emphasis has been on learning outcomes as measured by various psychometric-approaches or an instructor's…
Descriptors: Critical Thinking, Case Studies, Student Empowerment, First Year Seminars
Ruthmann, Stephen Alexander – ProQuest LLC, 2006
This study investigated the lived experiences of a group of students and their teacher as they negotiated learning and teaching during a sixth-grade exploratory music technology course taught in a music technology lab. Taking a qualitative and naturalistic approach, I sought to understand the challenges, issues, and successes experienced by the…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Music, Learning Laboratories, Grade 6
Gao, Zhiqiang – ProQuest LLC, 2006
Denial of service (DoS) attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are probably the most ferocious threats in the Internet, resulting in tremendous economic and social implications/impacts on our daily lives that are increasingly depending on the well-being of the Internet. How to mitigate these attacks effectively and efficiently…
Descriptors: Internet, Computer Security, Information Technology
Fine, Jodene Goldenring – ProQuest LLC, 2006
Researchers have long been interested in the role of the corpus callosum in reading disorder, but existing studies have yielded inconsistent results. Some have found larger corpus callosa in those with reading disorder, others have found smaller corpus callosa, and some have found no differences in the corpus callosa of persons with and without…
Descriptors: Brain Hemisphere Functions, Diagnostic Tests, Role, Reading Difficulties
Rogers, Yolanda R. – ProQuest LLC, 2006
Previous research indicates that the principal is second to the teacher in their impact on student learning. However, oftentimes principals enter their position lacking the skills and knowledge of an effective instructional leader. Moreover, districts may lack the internal capacity to support principal's professional development and learning. If…
Descriptors: Coaching (Performance), Principals, Leadership Qualities, Administrator Role
Skofronick, Paul Michael – ProQuest LLC, 2006
The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the systemic change process and strategies used by key stakeholders within a local education agency when they changed from the traditional discrepancy model for learning disabilities identification to the Response to Intervention (RTI) model. The results of this study suggest that the change to…
Descriptors: Delivery Systems, Learning Disabilities, Disability Identification, School Districts
Graham, Leah Sharice – ProQuest LLC, 2006
English for Academic Purposes literature is often criticized for its very functional interpretation of language (e.g. Benesch, 2001) which ignores the intellectual, cultural, and social side of learning in an attempt to appear "neutral." Furthermore, writing is the EAP skill area which seems to provide students with the most difficulty.…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, English for Academic Purposes, Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction
Mendez, Gina – ProQuest LLC, 2006
It is a well-known fact that one way to a better life is through education. Individuals who have a college education will earn significantly higher income that those who only have a high school diploma (McGlynn, 2001). Having a college degree is not only beneficial to an individual, but a community with an educated work force can acquire…
Descriptors: Public Policy, Educational Policy, Access to Education, Higher Education
Muhammad, Fatima – ProQuest LLC, 2006
This applied dissertation describes the evaluation of a parent-coaching program and how test scores were impacted as measured by the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK). Of the 175 third-grade students in the school district, 25.6% of students, or 44 students, scored less than satisfactory (partially proficient) in language arts…
Descriptors: Parents, Coaching (Performance), Program Evaluation, Scores
Kafka, Tina B. – ProQuest LLC, 2006
Abundant research chronicles the backgrounds and characteristics of community college students assigned to developmental reading. Many are members of underrepresented groups and first in their families to attend college. English may not be their primary language. Developmental students often struggle with learning disabilities. Nontraditional…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, College Faculty, Reading Teachers, Reading Instruction
Urshel, Carrie L. – ProQuest LLC, 2006
After the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into practice, states were required to implement stringent accountability systems including standards-based reform efforts and annual testing of students. Academic content standards define what students should know for each subject at each grade level and annual state assessments assess students'…
Descriptors: Middle School Students, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Skills, Computation
Watkins, LaSandra – ProQuest LLC, 2005
Education is arguably the oldest known profession in the history of mankind. It predates any other form of interactive processes that humans have participated in with each other. From the beginning of time man has been either the recipient or the deliverer of knowledge. It was not until sometimes later, after man's arrival on earth did formal…
Descriptors: Urban Schools, Action Research, Parent Participation, Parent School Relationship
Navarro, Leslie – ProQuest LLC, 2005
Since first being advocated by Terry O'Banion in the 1990s, the Learning-College Concept has been adopted by numerous community colleges. This concept focuses on student learning by placing students first. This strengthens the community colleges fundamental foci of emphasis on teaching and learning and providing higher education to underserved…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, College Libraries, Student Centered Learning, Comparative Analysis
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