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Tsampalas, Evangelos; Dimitrios, Sarris; Papadimitropoulou, Panagoula; Vergou, Maria; Zakopoulou, Victoria – Online Submission, 2018
The difficulty in reading and writing, spelling mistakes and poor speech are considered as the main elements that characterize students with dyslexia. If one thinks that most of the things in a class are based on writing and reading, then the importance of such a learning difficulty is that it is recognized as soon as possible and with appropriate…
Descriptors: Dyslexia, Disability Identification, Educational Environment, Student Needs
Yorulmaz, Yilmaz Ilker; Altinkurt, Yahya – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of gender, marital status, subject matter, school type, educational status and seniority variables on teacher burnout. In this regard, a meta-analysis was conducted for the studies on teacher burnout in Turkey. The effect size analyses were performed with 100 studies for gender, 73 for marital…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Meta Analysis, Teacher Burnout, Gender Differences
Abou Afach, Sara; Kiwan, Elias; Semaan, Charbel – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose for this study is to be able to deliver messages and life tips for special needs students in an easy way. For that, we used a web 2.0 visual tool "EdPuzzle" to show a video about bullying, having in it some questions to know if the message is delivered and understood by these students. The outcome of the study was positive…
Descriptors: Bullying, Disabilities, Web 2.0 Technologies, Video Technology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Eaton, Sarah Elaine; Rothschuh, Stefan; Fernández Conde, Cristina; Guglielmin, Melanie; Otoo, Benedict Kojo; Wilson, Jenny; Burns, Ian – Online Submission, 2018
Schools of education are in a unique position to foster a culture of academic integrity among pre-service teachers who will go on to careers as K-12 educators. This presentation presents the results of a year-long mixed methods study to understand the perceptions and approaches to academic integrity taken by academic staff in a Canadian school of…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Schools of Education, Integrity, Teacher Attitudes
Dom, Vannak; Yi, Gihong – Online Submission, 2018
The empirical study on 610 undergraduate students between the age of 16 to 25 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was set to examine the relationship of gender and subject choice. The findings have revealed that women were overrepresented in non-science subjects and their gender identity has strong connection with subject choice (*** p < 0.001). The study…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Undergraduate Students, Correlation, Gender Differences
Usakli, Hakan; Ekici, Kubra – Online Submission, 2018
In classrooms, the students spend lots of time by interacting each other. This paper debates the role of importance of the schools for rising students' social relations. Interaction between students is inevitable. That is because, they are together in projects, class discussion and peer working groups. Multicultural diverse school climates demand…
Descriptors: Interpersonal Relationship, Interpersonal Competence, Social Development, Emotional Development
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Valenzuela, Hector – Online Submission, 2018
Contextualization is a method used for mathematics curriculum design within lesson plans and as a pedagogical practice in face-to-face classes. Many researchers are studying the effects of using contextualization in the teaching and the learning process for mathematics (Bottge & Cho, 2013; Perin, 2011; Young, Hodge, Edwards, & Leising,…
Descriptors: College Mathematics, Mathematics Curriculum, Case Studies, Qualitative Research
Arsyad, Safnil – Online Submission, 2018
It is widely accepted that the use of learning materials which accommodates students' schemata is much more effective than the ones outside student's present knowledge background. The objectives of this study are to describe the students' learning style distribution and their perception on local oriented and learning style-based English learning…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Cognitive Style, English (Second Language), Instructional Materials
Schenck, Andrew Douglas – Online Submission, 2018
Because phonological, semantic, and morphosyntactic characteristics of grammatical features can have a significant impact on form-focused instruction, utilization of different grammatical features to test new language teaching techniques may conflate determinations of efficacy or inefficacy. The purpose of this study was to holistically examine…
Descriptors: Grammar, Second Language Instruction, Instructional Effectiveness, Comparative Analysis
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Dalanon, Junhel; Diano, Liz Muriel; Belarmino, Ma Paciencia; Hayama, Rika; Miyagi, Mayu; Matsuka, Yoshizo – Online Submission, 2018
This 2016 cross-sectional inquiry used quantitative and thematic content analysis to determine the organizational climate (OC) with empirical and theoretical relation to the teachers' performance (TP) and management competencies (MC) of a rural, K-12, private school in the Philippines. Analyses from a focus group discussion (FGD) was done using…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Rural Schools, Organizational Climate, Educational Environment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Pichette, François; Lesniewska, Justyna – Online Submission, 2018
Following a surge in the 1970s of research on the role played by the L1 in L2 acquisition, Ellis (1985) compiled ESL studies in which the percentage of L1-based errors was provided. He concluded that, according to available research findings, approximately one third of ESL errors appear to be due to L1 influence. For more than 30 years, that…
Descriptors: Second Language Instruction, Second Language Learning, English (Second Language), Error Patterns
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Mehrpour, Saeed; Moghaddam, Meisam – Online Submission, 2018
As part of a larger scale research on teachers' beliefs and practices, the present study examined the categories of pedagogical beliefs of novice and experienced EFL teachers (gleaned from the administration of 'Importance of Pedagogical Knowledge Scale' (IPKS)) and their verbal reports through semi structured interviews and stimulated recall, and…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, Teacher Attitudes
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Liang, Feng – Online Submission, 2018
This study reviews 17 studies since the year of 2000 on the perceptions and practices of immigrant parents who reside in the United States or Canada with respect to their children's heritage language maintenance (HLM). The findings suggest that parental perceptions may change due to practical considerations and vary with different degrees of…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Language Maintenance, Native Language, Immigrants
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Hekmati, Nargess; Ghahremani Ghajar, Sue-san; Navidinia, Hossein – Online Submission, 2018
The present article explores the idea of using movies in EFL classrooms to develop students' writing skill. In this qualitative study, 15 EFL learners were engaged in different writing activities in a contextualized form of movies, meaning that the films acted as text-books, and activities were designed based on the contexts of the films. Taking…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Instruction, Films, Writing Skills
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Waite, Jane Lisa; Curzon, Paul; Marsh, William; Sentance, Sue; Hadwen-Bennett, Alex – Online Submission, 2018
Research indicates that understanding levels of abstraction (LOA) and being able to move between the levels is essential to programming success. For K-5 contexts we rename the LOA levels: problem, design, code and running the code. In our qualitative exploratory study, we interviewed five K-5 teachers on their uses of LOA, particularly the design…
Descriptors: Elementary School Teachers, Computer Science Education, Programming, Abstract Reasoning
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