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Pelayo, Jose Maria G., III. – Online Submission, 2018
The youth of today live in a world wherein numerous stimuli exist. These stimuli may either supplement or hinder their intellectual growth. The youth are surrounded by all these stimuli and divide their attention from their studies, resulting to low academic performance in school, an outcome undesired by their parents. An ideal student should be…
Descriptors: Student Motivation, High Achievement, Academic Achievement, Youth
Alquizar, Janice Serenio – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose of this undertaking was to describe the multitasking of teachers in the workplace. Employing phenomenological approach with 15 teachers, in-depth interviews and focus group discussion were conducted which revealed that multitasking of teachers in the workplace is prevalent. Three major themes of multitasking of teachers as experienced…
Descriptors: Time Management, Teacher Responsibility, Productivity, Teacher Motivation
Pandey, Shaivi; Ashokan, Varun – Online Submission, 2018
The present study assesses the intelligence of female university students in respect to the intelligence of elder and younger siblings. Based on reviews hypothesis were framed to see the significant difference between elder and younger the siblings with respect to their intelligences. Here, Intelligence has defined in ways of learning ability. The…
Descriptors: Birth Order, Females, College Students, Sibling Relationship
Sultana, Protiva; Rahman, Md. Mehadi – Online Submission, 2018
Creative question is generally considered as a tool to measure students' various levels of learning. The study focused on exploring the present situation of General Science test items/creative questions in Bangladesh. This descriptive study was conducted using a concurrent triangulation research design. To conduct this study both quantitative and…
Descriptors: Secondary School Students, Secondary School Science, Foreign Countries, Science Tests
Eryilmaz, Ali; Ergünay, Onur – Online Submission, 2018
The flow theory with its components 'anxiety', 'boredom', 'skills' and 'challenges' can be associated with foreign language learning contexts. Although there are some attempts in several studies to examine the link between EFL context and the flow theory, no scale to measure the flow state in EFL context has been found in the related literature.…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, Case Studies
Fajrina, Suci – Online Submission, 2018
The flow of futurism believes that everything we think about and do today is for the future. So, all the actions we will take must have an impact on the welfare of the future. Therefore, fostering a healthy intellectual and spiritual power through proper education will rebuild human beings with the right values and norms for the sake of the…
Descriptors: Futures (of Society), Foreign Countries, Educational Philosophy, Values
Hollis, Leah P. – Online Submission, 2018
Free speech is one of the cornerstones of higher education. Professors and other knowledge workers should have the freedom to speak reasonably and collegially about a wide range of topics, even if their ideas are controversial or unpopular. However, just like any other tool, if misused, free speech can have results very different from those…
Descriptors: Freedom of Speech, Bullying, Higher Education, Academic Freedom
Kariuki, Patrick; Taylor, Jordan – Online Submission, 2018
Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Pictionary and traditional vocabulary strategies on student performance in a 9th grade English Language Arts classroom. The sample consisted of 30 ninth grade honor students who were randomly assigned to an experimental and control group. Data were collected using teacher made tests.…
Descriptors: Secondary School Students, Grade 9, Games, Vocabulary Development
Kara, Ferda; Eker, Merve; Benzer, Semra – Online Submission, 2018
Today, technology has been developing rapidly. Especially in the last 20 years, the races to produce technology among developed countries and the madness of consumption have increased. Turkey, as a major developing country is not yet at the desired level and needs to change this situation. For this purpose, it is imperative that our children, whom…
Descriptors: Science Instruction, Teaching Methods, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education
Dere, Zeynep – Online Submission, 2018
The benefits of social play and social interactions have been accepted for children with special needs attending inclusive kindergarten education. This study aims to examine social play and social interaction of a child with autism spectrum disorder in the inclusive kindergarten education. Social play observation form, social interaction…
Descriptors: Play, Interpersonal Relationship, Special Needs Students, Inclusion
Tongson, Mercedita B.; Eslit, Edgar R. – Online Submission, 2018
Research proved that teaching styles can make or break the learning process. Hence, performance of learners must be geared towards a learning environment that is engaging, enjoyable and fruitful. Anchored on Invitational Theory, Cognitive Abilities Theory and Sociocultural Theory, this study sought to determine the teaching styles of grade 7…
Descriptors: Teaching Styles, English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction
Hatipoglu, Gizem; Tok, Türkay Nuri – Online Submission, 2018
Management upon value is to consolidate occupations around common values so that managers are aware of the individual values of the occupations and act effectively and efficiently in the direction of their organization. It is envisaged that the managers will create a system of common values, without emphasizing individual values, to develop the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Principals, Administrator Attitudes, Elementary Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Adamma, Onyekwere Nonye; Ekwutosim, Okoro Pauline; Unamba, Eugene Chukwuemeka – Online Submission, 2018
The study investigated influence of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation on pupils' academic performance in mathematics. Based on the purpose of the study two hypotheses guided the study. Descriptive research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study consisted of all 3056 primary six pupils in Owerri Education zone of Imo State.…
Descriptors: Influences, Incentives, Motivation, Foreign Countries
Cengel, Metin; Alkan, Ayse – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose of this research is to identify the problems faced by teachers with gifted/talented children. The study was conducted in 2017-2018 academic year and includes the teachers of the children whose children are gifted/intelligent. In addition to the demographic information of the teachers in the study, the perspective of the society as a…
Descriptors: Academically Gifted, Talent Identification, Teacher Role, Special Education
Cengel, Metin; Alkan, Ayse; Cayir, Esra – Online Submission, 2018
Increasing the quality and effectiveness of education and training, contributing to the social, political and economic structure of the countries is something that educators and educational policy makers are always working on. Increasing the quality of education and training nowadays can be achieved with the development of 21st century skills in…
Descriptors: Information Technology, Coding, Robotics, Computer Science Education
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