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Frazer, Gary W.; Stevens, George H. – Educational Technology, 2015
Most past and current learning technologies have been one- or two-dimensional in presentation. This may be fine if one is looking at a map or even a fine painting. However, to fully appreciate the detail of a statue or a machine part, it is better to be able to look at it from all sides. Use of holographic images allows an item to be shared with a…
Descriptors: Performance Technology, Human Factors Engineering, Educational Technology, Computer Graphics
Hokanson, Brad – Educational Technology, 2015
This writing looks at an elemental aspect of learning and communication, the question, and contends that questions can be viewed as a technology for education. Questions that we ask in the classroom, online, or in discussion can shape learning and develop skills in students, and they should be more systematically employed in education. This…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Questioning Techniques, Teaching Methods, Taxonomy
Porter, Gavin W.; Tanenbaum, Michael A. – Educational Technology, 2015
Recruitment gaming embodies an exciting new tool at the interface of the education and private sectors. Employers and recruitment platforms add new complications to the already problematic relationship between game designers and educators. To better understand the emerging recruitment aspects of gaming and identify areas for those in educational…
Descriptors: Educational Games, Games, Recruitment, Educational Technology
Gropper, George L. – Educational Technology, 2015
Instructional design can be more effective if it is as fixedly dedicated to the accommodation of individual differences as it currently is to the accommodation of subject matters. That is the hypothesis. A menu of accommodation options is provided that is applicable at each of three stages of instructional development or administration: before,…
Descriptors: Instructional Design, Individual Differences, Student Needs, Remedial Instruction
Spector, J. Michael – Educational Technology, 2015
The many changes in educational technologies have been well documented in both the professional and popular literature. What is less well documented is the changing nature of programs that prepare individuals for careers in the broad multi-disciplinary field of educational technology. This article is a first attempt to look at how educational…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Technology Integration, Educational History
Kelly, Daniel P. – Educational Technology, 2015
Technology-savvy teachers are often the "go to" staff members in schools for their colleagues' technology issues. These teachers are seen as leaders within their schools with respect to technology and often do not understand their peers' difficulties when bringing technology into the classroom. Understanding both the reasons teachers may…
Descriptors: Barriers, Technology Integration, Elementary Secondary Education, Teacher Leadership
Reeves, Thomas C.; Reeves, Patricia M. – Educational Technology, 2015
The status of educational technology research in a VUCA world is examined. The acronym, VUCA, stands for "Volatility" (rapidly changing contexts and conditions), "Uncertainty" (information missing that is critical to problem solving), "Complexity" (multiple factors difficult to categorize or control), and…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Educational Research, Technological Advancement, Problem Solving
Romero, Liz; Glass, Maria – Educational Technology, 2015
The purpose of this article is to describe the implementation of a Learning-by-Doing Instructional model to create an innovative language course. The authors describe the structure of the course, the instructional strategies implemented, and the Learning Management System tools used to create an engaging learning experience.
Descriptors: Online Courses, Electronic Learning, Program Descriptions, Program Implementation
Nyland, Rob; Anderson, Noelle; Beckstrom, Tyler; Boren, Michael; Thomas, Rebecca; West, Richard E. – Educational Technology, 2015
This article analyzes articles published in the "Journal of Educational Computing Research" ("JECR") from 2003 to 2012. The authors analyzed the articles looking for trends in article types and methodologies, the most common topics addressed in the articles, the top-cited articles, and the top authors during the period. The…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Educational Research, Computer Science Education, Journal Articles
Fulgham, Susan M.; Shaughnessy, Michael F. – Educational Technology, 2015
Punya Mishra is Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University, where he directs the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program. He currently chairs the Creativity Special Interest Group at the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education. He is nationally and internationally recognized…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Creativity, Technological Literacy, Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Gropper, George L. – Educational Technology, 2015
This article takes a contrarian position: an "instructional design" or "teacher training" model, because of the sheer number of its interconnected parameters, is too complex to assess or to compare with other models. Models may not be the way to go just yet. This article recommends instead prior experimental research on limited…
Descriptors: Instructional Design, Models, Teacher Education, Differences
Langton, Matthew; Manwaring, Kristine; Fry, Leanna; West, Richard E. – Educational Technology, 2015
The authors examined articles published in the "Journal of Computing in Higher Education" between 2003 and 2012 with the purpose of determining the main themes of these articles, the types of research published, the major contributing authors, and the most-cited articles. An analysis was made of 129 original papers published by…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Educational Research, Higher Education, Journal Articles
Bush, Michael D. – Educational Technology, 2015
Hype surrounding the promise that technology has for education began with Thomas Edison in 1913, when he predicted that the motion picture would end the need for textbooks and revolutionize schools. Years later a phase of development was fueled by government funding, and the educational film industry reached a heyday following World War II, which…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Educational History, Educational Development, Educational Change
Al-Khouri, Ali M. – Educational Technology, 2015
This article proposes that the widespread availability of wireless networks creates a case in which there is no real need for SIM cards. Recent technological developments offer the capability to outperform SIM cards and provide more innovative dimensions to current systems of mobility. In this context of changing realities in the domain of…
Descriptors: Computer Networks, Telecommunications, Technological Advancement, Innovation
Tobias, Sigmund; Fletcher, J. Dexter; Chen, Fei – Educational Technology, 2015
Digital games were reviewed as an emerging tool in educational technology. Factors such as instructional effectiveness, time on task, relationship to curricula, student socio-economic status, violence in games, and game mechanics were considered. Despite considerable variability among studies, larger overall effect sizes for the impact of games on…
Descriptors: Educational Games, Educational Technology, Instructional Effectiveness, Time on Task
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