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Kahl, Mary – College Press Review, 1975
Discusses the plight of high school journalism advisers who are involved in court litigation concerning censorship problems. (RB)
Descriptors: Censorship, Court Litigation, Freedom of Speech, Higher Education
Hollister, C. A. – College Press Review, 1975
Concludes that search warrants should not be issued against the campus press unless there is reason to believe that the newspaper materials will be destroyed or that a subpoena duces tecum is otherwise impractical. (RB)
Descriptors: Court Litigation, Freedom of Speech, Higher Education, Journalism
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Hoffer, Thomas W.; Butterfield, Gerald A. – Journalism Quarterly, 1976
Descriptors: Editorials, Freedom of Speech, Journalism, Mass Media
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Adams, Kathlene W. – Utah Law Review, 1975
In Rampey v. Allen faculty members and administrators sued an Oklahoma state college alleging nonrenewal of their contracts abridged their freedom of expression and due process rights. The author examines the circuit court decision in their favor determining that it was a step forward in defining the boundaries of academic freedom. (JT)
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, College Faculty, Court Litigation, Freedom of Speech
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Miller, Norman R. – Georgia Law Review, 1974
Demonstrates that the parameters of teachers' classroom expression protected by the First Amendment is dependent on evaluating the expression in terms of both traditional requirements for First Amendment protection and compatibility with constitutionally valid educational purposes. Examines factors to be considered in constructing limits on…
Descriptors: Classroom Communication, Court Litigation, Freedom of Speech, Legal Responsibility
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Piekarski, Victor J. – Marquette Law Review, 1975
Noting that the latest Supreme Court decisions involving an application of the religion clauses of the first amendment to state statutes may serve to foreclose any further attempts by a state to aid parochial schools, the author suggests a new test that would satisfy both First Amendment and state aid proponent demands. (JT)
Descriptors: Civil Liberties, Parochial Schools, Private Education, Private Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Holloway, John P. – Journal of College and University Law, 1974
The rapid development and application to universities and colleges of the constitutional principles of the First Amendment are analyzed with special reference to Healy v. James and its present and possible future ramifications in the area of student affairs including use of university facilities, student conduct, and organizational activities. (JT)
Descriptors: Civil Liberties, College Students, Court Litigation, Freedom of Speech
Hanks, William E. – Speech Teacher, 1975
Discusses five Supreme Court decisions that relate to the First Amendment and freedom of the press. Includes small group decision-making exercises and discussion questions focusing on these interpretations for use in a college speech communication class. (MH)
Descriptors: Audiovisual Communications, Class Activities, Communication (Thought Transfer), Constitutional Law
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Newell, Lisa M. – Journal of College and University Law, 1982
First Amendment responsibilities of public colleges and universities to provide access to university facilities for First Amendment activity are analyzed within the public forum doctrine. State action doctrine and implications for private institutions are considered, public forum law in the university setting is discussed, and recent litigation is…
Descriptors: College Buildings, Constitutional Law, Court Litigation, Extracurricular Activities
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Hodges, Debra K. – Journal of College and University Law, 1982
A guide is presented for faculty members and administrators about circumstances in which faculty may speak freely on issues and what procedural safeguards are applicable when disciplinary actions are contemplated. Issues of contracts, interests conflicting with the state's, tests for violation of First Amendment rights, defenses, and remedies are…
Descriptors: Civil Liberties, College Faculty, Constitutional Law, Contracts
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Carr, Michael C.; Faber, Charles F. – Clearing House, 1982
Reviews court cases concerning student press rights. Argues that many problems that have arisen over publications could have been avoided by administrators and school boards if only they had been willing to work with students within the framework of the First Amendment. (FL)
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Board of Education Role, Court Litigation, Freedom of Speech
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kraus, Larry L. – English Journal, 1983
Summarizes court rulings on First Amendment protection for student newspapers and relates some of the issues raised by these decisions. (JL)
Descriptors: Censorship, Court Litigation, Freedom of Speech, High Schools
Rohrer, Daniel M. – 1977
This discussion summarizes the general principles that may be applied in determining the limits of free expression and proposes new criteria based on libertarian values. Among the general principles summarized are the bad-tendency test, the clear-and-present-danger test, the balancing test, the incitement test, and the hypothetical absolute test.…
Descriptors: Censorship, Civil Liberties, Constitutional Law, Freedom of Speech
Trager, Robert; Stonecipher, Harry W. – 1976
Since the "New York Times Co. v. Sullivan" decision in 1964, courts have debated the degrees of protection from defamation that should be offered to individuals and the concomitant degree of freedom that the press should have to report on matters of public concern. Most recently, the Supreme Court has attempted to balance these competing…
Descriptors: Broadcast Industry, Censorship, Constitutional Law, Court Litigation
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