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Medina, John – ASCD, 2018
"Marvel" at the neuroscientific reasons why smart teens make dumb decisions! "Behold" the mind-controlling power of executive function! "Thrill" to a vision of a better school for the teenage brain! Whether you're a parent interacting with one adolescent or a teacher interacting with many, you know teens can be hard…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Executive Function, Brain, Adolescent Development
Stronge, James H. – ASCD, 2018
Every teacher seeks to be an "effective" teacher. Every teacher wants to have a positive, remarkable, and lasting influence on students' lives. But what makes for an effective teacher? What role does teacher preparation play in teacher effectiveness? What do effective teachers do during planning, instruction, and assessment? How do they…
Descriptors: Teacher Effectiveness, Teacher Characteristics, Knowledge Base for Teaching, Lesson Plans
OECD Publishing, 2018
Raising skills is critical to Portugal's economic success and social well-being. As globalisation and digitalisation are transforming how people work, how societies function and how individuals interact, Portugal needs to equip its entire population with strong skills so that they can benefit from new opportunities. Portugal has put education and…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Skill Development, Educational Strategies, Adult Learning
Rowe, Don, Ed.; Watson, Anne, Ed. – Trentham Books, 2018
This book emerges from a deep concern about the direction of educational policy in the last decade and its effects on children, teachers and school leaders. It addresses contemporary educational issues from the perspectives of justice, peace, equality and truth, and is informed by Quaker approaches to these values. It presents a coherent approach…
Descriptors: Religious Cultural Groups, Religious Factors, Educational Practices, Educational Environment
OECD Publishing, 2018
This report identifies effective strategies to tackle skills imbalances in Spain. It provides an assessment of practices and policies in the following areas: the collection and use of information on skill needs to foster a better alignment between skills acquisition and labour market needs; education and training policies targeting skills…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Skill Development, Labor Market, Labor Needs
Paniagua, Alejandro; Istance, David – OECD Publishing, 2018
Pedagogy is at the heart of teaching and learning. Preparing young people to become lifelong learners with a deep knowledge of subject matter and a broad set of social skills requires a better understanding of how pedagogy influences learning. Focusing on pedagogies shifts the perception of teachers from technicians who strive to attain the…
Descriptors: Teacher Role, Educational Innovation, Teaching Methods, Creativity
Risager, Karen – Multilingual Matters, 2018
This book presents a new and comprehensive framework for the analysis of representations of culture, society and the world in textbooks for foreign and second language learning. The framework is transferable to other kinds of learning materials and to other subjects. The framework distinguishes between five approaches: national studies,…
Descriptors: Second Language Learning, Textbook Content, Culture, Citizenship Education
Burke, Penny Jane, Ed.; Hayton, Annette, Ed.; Stevenson, Jacqueline, Ed. – Trentham Books, 2018
Evaluation is a contested field. This collection considers the relationship between evaluation and research, and the ethical and moral dilemmas raised when evaluating equity and widening participation in higher education. The growing demands for 'evidence of impact' frame expectations that we can justify government funding of particular…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Higher Education, Access to Education, Participation
Talan, Teri N.; Bloom, Paula Jorde – Teachers College Press, 2018
The "Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care" (BAS) is the first valid and reliable tool for measuring and improving the overall quality of business and professional practices in family child care settings. It is applicable for multiple uses, including program self-improvement, technical assistance and monitoring, training,…
Descriptors: Business Administration, Child Care, Rating Scales, Qualifications
Goodwin, Bryan; Gibson, Tonia; Lewis, Dale; Rouleau, Kris – ASCD, 2018
Good ideas, the best intentions, and a stirring vision from the top aren't enough to effect change in schools. "Unstuck" offers a road map to help schools change from the inside out instead of the top down. Inside-out approaches are designed to encourage schools to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, finding better ways to help…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Peer Teaching, Coaching (Performance), Teamwork
Orfield, Gary, Ed.; Hillman, Nicholas, Ed. – Harvard Education Press, 2018
In "Accountability and Opportunity in Higher Education," leading scholars address the unforeseen impact of accountability standards on students of color and the institutions that disproportionately serve them. The book describes how federal policies can worsen existing racial inequalities in higher education and offers alternative…
Descriptors: Accountability, Higher Education, Minority Group Students, Racial Bias
Windschitl, Mark; Thompson, Jessica; Braaten, Melissa – Harvard Education Press, 2018
"Ambitious Science Teaching" outlines a powerful framework for science teaching to ensure that instruction is rigorous and equitable for students from all backgrounds. The practices presented in the book are being used in schools and districts that seek to improve science teaching at scale, and a wide range of science subjects and grade…
Descriptors: Science Instruction, Teaching Methods, Student Diversity, Learner Engagement
Cuban, Larry – Harvard Education Press, 2018
In this book, Larry Cuban looks at the uses and effects of digital technologies in K-12 classrooms, exploring if and how technology has transformed teaching and learning. In particular, he examines forty-one classrooms across six districts in Silicon Valley that have devoted special attention and resources to integrating digital technologies into…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Elementary Secondary Education, Technology Integration, Educational Technology
Santoro, Doris A. – Harvard Education Press, 2018
"Demoralized: Why Teachers Leave the Profession They Love and How They Can Stay" offers a timely analysis of professional dissatisfaction that challenges the common explanation of burnout. Featuring the voices of educators, the book offers concrete lessons for practitioners, school leaders, and policy makers on how to think more…
Descriptors: Teacher Burnout, Faculty Mobility, Teacher Persistence, Job Satisfaction
Winn, Maisha T. – Harvard Education Press, 2018
Restorative justice represents "a paradigm shift in the way Americans conceptualize and administer punishment," says author Maisha T. Winn, from a focus on crime to a focus on harm, including the needs of both those who were harmed and those who caused it. Her book, "Justice on Both Sides," provides an urgently needed,…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Justice, Equal Education, Program Implementation
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