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Jacobs, George M.; Ratmanida – Online Submission, 1996
Group activities developed in Western countries have been advocated for use in foreign and second language learning internationally. This article reports the views of 31 second language educators from six Southeast Asian countries (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand) on the appropriateness of group…
Descriptors: Group Activities, Language Teachers, Teacher Attitudes, Asians
Jacobs, George M. – Online Submission, 1993
The paper has two main parts. In the first part, some current thinking on the nature of the stereotypes and the role of schools in their propagation, as well as in their analysis, is reviewed. In the second part, suggestions are described and exemplified for some classroom techniques--to be used mainly with the reading of literature--which may…
Descriptors: Stereotypes, Literature, Consciousness Raising, Teaching Methods
Jacobs, George M.; Chew, Wai Lee; Ramadass, Maygala Devi – Online Submission, 1995
We believe that it is not enough to just take in information when we listen, read, and watch. We must also critically analyze that information. One part of this critical analysis involves looking for stereotypes, the focus of this paper. The paper has two main parts. In the first part, we briefly review some current thinking on the nature of the…
Descriptors: Stereotypes, Teaching Methods, Critical Thinking, Critical Literacy
Jacobs, George M.; Lee, Christine; Ng, Maureen – Online Submission, 1997
In this paper, the following key questions will be examined. What is distinctive about cooperative learning, which makes it different from just groupwork? What has research found about the effectiveness of cooperative learning in promoting thinking? What conditions in cooperative learning help promote thinking? What theoretical perspectives…
Descriptors: Cooperative Learning, Classroom Techniques, Group Activities, Intermode Differences
Palmer, W. P. – Online Submission, 1997
This paper illustrates the educational uses of the Word Wide Web in a university situation; it gives an account some of the ways in which the World Wide Web and other information technologies have been used to extend the scope of the history of science generally and the history of chemistry in particular. I observed that the World Wide Web…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Research Tools, Science History, Chemistry
Murphy, J. Michael; Pagano, Maria E.; Ramirez, Alicia; Anaya, A. A. Yolanda; Nowlin, Creda; Jellinek, Michael S. – Online Submission, 1999
Efforts to determine the prevalence of serious emotional disturbance in preschool-aged children have been hampered by the lack of a validated measure. The Preschool and Early Childhood Functional Assessment Scale (PECFAS) is a multi-dimensional measure that assesses the psychosocial functioning of children aged 3-7 years. The concurrent validity…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Preschool Children, Rating Scales, Program Validation
Murphy, J. Michael; Wehler, Cheryl A.; Pagano, Maria E.; Little, Michelle; Kleinman, Ronald E.; Jellinek, Michael S. – Online Submission, 1998
Using large-scale surveys from nine states, the Community Childhood Hunger Identification Project (CCHIP) estimates that 8% of American children under the age of 12 years experience hunger each year. CCHIP operationalizes child hunger as multiple experiences of parent-reported food insufficiency due to constrained resources. The current study…
Descriptors: Hunger, Individual Development, Low Income Students, Elementary School Students
Murphy, J. Michael; Pagano, Maria E.; Nachmani, Joan; Sperling, Peter; Kane, Shirley; Kleinman, Ronald E. – Online Submission, 1998
Objective: To determine if a relationship exists between participation in a school breakfast program and measures of psychosocial and academic functioning in school-aged children. Methods: Information on participation in a school breakfast program, school record data, and in-depth interviews with parents and children were collected in 1 public…
Descriptors: Breakfast Programs, Program Effectiveness, Psychological Patterns, Academic Achievement
Julian, June – Online Submission, 1997
"A World Community of Old Trees,", is the Internet research component of the doctoral dissertation, "Ecology Art Education On-Line: A World Community of Old Trees." It is the first study in the discipline of Art Education to use the World Wide Web to transmit and receive data for doctoral…
Descriptors: Doctoral Dissertations, Art Education, Internet, Student Research
Prescott, Barbara L. – Online Submission, 1987
One concern in current sociolinguistic theories of language variation is to find dynamic models that integrate rules governing the 'lects' of a language into a unified description of that language. The dynamics of language change in the variations inherent to the Fijian dialect chain have profound implications for language literacy and educational…
Descriptors: Malayo Polynesian Languages, Models, Language Variation, Phonology
Dornbusch, Sanford M.; Prescott, Barbara L.; Ritter, Philip L. – Online Submission, 1987
This research report focuses on Asian- and Pacific-American adolescent high school achievement. It is part of a continuing collaborative effort between Stanford researchers and six high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. This Study of Families and Schools, as part of the larger Study of Stanford and the Schools, is primarily concerned with…
Descriptors: Asian Americans, Pacific Americans, High School Students, Academic Achievement
King, Karen – Online Submission, 1992
The practicum was designed to increase positive parenting skills and parental participation in American Indian pre-school classroom activities. Data collection and observations were methods employed to determine outcomes of the practicum. Twenty resources from tribal efforts across early childhood programming were cited along with periodical…
Descriptors: Parent Education, Parenting Skills, Parent Participation, American Indians
Julian, June – Online Submission, 1998
Using exercises based on the stacked mattresses image from the tale of "The Princess and the Pea," combined with Ecker and Kaelin's Aesthetic Inquiry ladder schematic, will help art educators schematize their thinking and talking about art in the classroom. Whether by selecting phenomenology or another philosophical method for navigating…
Descriptors: Art Education, Phenomenology, Art Criticism, Theories
Cajski, Christopher A. – Online Submission, 1999
Language learning strategies (LLS), here defined as specific actions or mental procedures that assist in fulfilling language learning goals, have attracted increasing attention as one of the factors that impact second language acquisition. A key reason for their appeal is that language learning strategies can be manipulated to an extent that most…
Descriptors: Second Language Learning, Learning Strategies, Advanced Students, Adult Students
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