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Jogan, Sushma N. – Online Submission, 2019
Internship plays a pivotal role in completion of professional courses. As such it is also included in teacher education course. It provides direct experiences to trainees on various roles of a teacher including teaching and developing command over the subject. It also provides an opportunity to integrate the theoretical knowledge on strategies and…
Descriptors: Instructional Effectiveness, Internship Programs, Preservice Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education
Peklari, E. – Online Submission, 2019
The aim of this paper is to examine the range of mathematical abilities of children in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Recent neuroimaging and cognitive studies propose that a particular cognitive pattern which seems to be present in people in the autistic spectrum could be beneficial for the emersion and the development of Savant skills or in the…
Descriptors: Mathematics Skills, Children, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Hollis, Leah P. – Online Submission, 2019
Perpetrators of workplace bullying in higher education hurt the academic work environment and demoralize the faculty and staff. While European researchers have documented the impact workplace bullying has on employee health, American researchers are just beginning to consider the health problems associated with workplace bullying. Further, as…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Teacher Behavior, Wellness, Bullying
Mkdadi, Ali Mahmod – Online Submission, 2019
This article surveys the writing on technology in language and unknown dialect learning. Given the solid enthusiasm for innovation use for language learning, it is imperative to take a gander at how innovation has been utilized in the field up to this point. The objectives of this examination are twofold: to see how technology have been utilized…
Descriptors: Dialects, Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, Instructional Innovation
Islam, A. K. M. Mazharul – Online Submission, 2019
This study has investigated the interlanguage features in spoken language of a Korean learner of Bangla. Data has been collected through interviews which were recorded and analyzed. The analysis of the respondents' language has been made in terms of phonetic, morphological and syntactic aspects. The language deviations may be attributed to…
Descriptors: Interlanguage, Phonetics, Morphology (Languages), Indo European Languages
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Nelson, Jennifer L.; Hegtvedt, Karen A.; Haardörfer, Regine; Hayward, Jennifer L. – Online Submission, 2019
The authors address three overlooked issues regarding the well-established organizational justice and trust relationship: how an authority's enactment of fair outcomes, procedures, and interactions "trickles down" to the development of coworker trust; how trust and respect represent distinct interpersonal outcomes; and whether coworker…
Descriptors: Employees, Employee Attitudes, Peer Relationship, Trust (Psychology)
Areekkuzhiyil, Santhosh – Online Submission, 2019
Assessment is an integral part of any teaching learning process. Assessment practices have a large number of functions to perform in the context of the teaching learning process. Do contemporary assessment practices perform these function is a critical question to be analysed. In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyse the myths and…
Descriptors: Evaluation Methods, Validity, Reliability, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Rahman, Md. Mehadi – Online Submission, 2019
Only knowledge is not sufficient to make students succeed in the world. Students need to attain 21st century skills like problem-solving, creativity, innovation, metacognition, communication etc. to endure in the modern world. Problem-solving skill is one of the fundamental human cognitive processes. Whenever students face a situation where they…
Descriptors: Critical Thinking, Logical Thinking, 21st Century Skills, Problem Solving
Eaton, Sarah Elaine; Crossman, Katherine; Edino, Rachael – Online Submission, 2019
Purpose: This report documents research and related materials related to academic integrity in Canada to inform and guide future work in the field. It provides an overview of the literature up to and including 2017 relating to academic integrity in Canada. Methods: Two research questions guided this literature review: 1. What scholarly, research,…
Descriptors: Integrity, Databases, Teaching Methods, Professional Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Biçak, Furkan – Online Submission, 2019
This study was carried out to determine the teachers' views on the usability of the smart board in the classroom and their needs to adapt it in the teaching process. Case study method was adopted in the study. The study was conducted on 10 different middle school branch teachers who were working at public schools in a northern province of Turkey.…
Descriptors: Teacher Attitudes, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Middle School Teachers
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Caruso, Giuseppe – Online Submission, 2019
The educational institutions in many countries are faced with the major problem of teacher burnout causing high rates of attrition and absenteeism. There is widespread agreement among researchers that teacher burnout can effectively be countered through emphasis on teacher motivation. The Author, an English language teacher, carried out a 2-year…
Descriptors: Teacher Burnout, Teacher Motivation, Coping, Teaching Conditions
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Ribeiro, Marcelo Afonso – Online Submission, 2019
This research is placed among the current studies discussing the relationship between working, education and modes of subjectification within the present context by means of specific phenomena in identity constructions as well as workplace learning processes. By means of a qualitative narrative research with in-depth interviews among urban workers…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Professional Identity, Self Concept, Workplace Learning
Pem, Kailash – Online Submission, 2019
The research study sought to determine the effect of tailored animated motion sequences on teaching, performance and visual literacy in Biology learners. The animations were developed as per the Grade 8 Biology syllabus hence referring to the term 'tailored motion graphic's' using the ADDIE design model. This mixed-methods study included a series…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Computer Assisted Instruction, Science Instruction, Secondary School Science
Pem, Kailash – Online Submission, 2019
Today's consumers also termed as the "Eye Generation" consume lots of visual data through the net, mobile phones, advertisement, mobile applications and many others. This is because the visuals are considered as a more accessible means of obtaining and communicating messages. Research works have elaborated facts and figures from surveys…
Descriptors: Visual Literacy, Thinking Skills, Scientific Literacy, Biology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Seah, Wee Tiong; Wong, Ngai-Ying – Online Submission, 2019
This paper discusses some of the recurrent issues which the authors have noticed in educational research. These might be concerned with the nature of social science research, such as its representation of the reality of student learning, the role for replication studies, and the tolerance for disagreements. There are also issues related to the…
Descriptors: Educational Research, Research Problems, Mixed Methods Research, Qualitative Research
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