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Dezelsky, Thomas L.; Toohey, Jack V. – Journal of School Health, 1978
Statistical analysis of the data in this research project indicates that neither the physical, emotional, nor intellectual cycles can be used to predict suicide behavior and also that biorhythms are influenced by environmental variations. (DS)
Descriptors: Behavior, Behavior Theories, Biological Influences, Health Education
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Thomas, John A.; Kegley, Charles F. – Journal of School Health, 1978
In high concentrations the fluorinated hydrocarbons can adversely affect both the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. (DS)
Descriptors: Air Pollution, Chemical Analysis, Diseases, Environmental Influences
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Ohles, John F. – Journal of School Health, 1978
The need for alcohol education today is as great as it was nearly 100 years ago when Mary Hunt convinced her local school board to initiate instruction in temperance education. (MM)
Descriptors: Alcohol Education, Educational History, Health Education
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Finn, Peter; Wolff, Peter – Journal of School Health, 1978
In a course on emergency services, students learn how to make proper use of emergency vehicle services and realize the importance of facilitating the work of these services. (PBS)
Descriptors: Emergency Squad Personnel, Health Education, Program Descriptions, Safety Education
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Slonka, Gerald F. – Journal of School Health, 1977
There has been an increase in the incidence of pediculosis which is in part attributed to misunderstanding and ignorance about the life and biology of lice. (JD)
Descriptors: Biology, Health Education, Human Body, Hygiene
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Harlin, Vivian K. – Journal of School Health, 1977
The school personnel, including the nurse and physician, should work as a team with students' parents when faced with an epidemic of lice in the school. (JD)
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Disease Control, Health Education, Hygiene
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Gay, John E.; Bensley, Loren B., Jr. – Journal of School Health, 1977
Two forums on the collegiate-level basic health course were held at the annual American School Health Association convention to discuss basic criteria (e.g., time schedules, teaching staff, grading, instructional strategies) and course content as taught at various universities. (MJB)
Descriptors: College Curriculum, Course Content, Curriculum Design, Health Education
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Greenberg, Jerrold S. – Journal of School Health, 1977
The author describe the role that stress plays in diseases such as headaches, colitis and ulcers, diarrhea, allergies, hypertension, and cancer, and suggests methods for reducing stress. (MJB)
Descriptors: Anxiety, Disease Control, Diseases, Relaxation Training
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Petchel, Karen A.; Mello, Arthur F. – Journal of School Health, 1977
A weekly "swish and spit" program takes about ten minutes of class time, effectively prevents dental caries, and promotes an awareness and greater concern for good dental practices in the school community. (MJB)
Descriptors: Dental Health, Elementary Education, Health Education, Preventive Medicine
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vonNoorden, Gunter K. – Journal of School Health, 1976
The author discusses visual difficulties caused by uncorrected refractive errors and neuromuscular anomalies of the eyes and also comments briefly on the eyes in dyslexia. (MB)
Descriptors: Dyslexia, Elementary Education, Eyes, Handicapped Children
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Regan, Patricia A. – Journal of School Health, 1976
The author investigates and defines the role that nurses have played in the origin and growth of American school nursing and, based upon this investigation, proposes a future role for nurses serving school health programs. (MB)
Descriptors: Allied Health Occupations Education, Child Care Occupations, Professional Continuing Education, Professional Recognition
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Bowers, Harold N.; Howard, Gordon D. – Journal of School Health, 1976
The author cites four major federal legislative undertakings that have implications for school and community health education programs. (MB)
Descriptors: Accident Prevention, Consumer Protection, Federal Legislation, Fire Science Education
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Iglehart, Vivian R.; And Others – Journal of School Health, 1977
The author describes a comprehensive health services program of treatment health education and vigorous follow-up designed to meet the needs of primarily low-income, minority children (k, 3-6) in Harlem. (MB)
Descriptors: Comprehensive Programs, Elementary School Students, Health Education, Low Income Groups
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Thompson, Elizabeth; Simone, Joseph – Journal of School Health, 1977
Progress has been made in the separation of the various components of whole blood, methods of storage, and efficient use of blood components, permitting better management of blood quality in children undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer. (MB)
Descriptors: Cancer, Children, Diseases, Medical Research
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Pearse, Martha – Journal of School Health, 1977
The family of a child with cancer is faced with special adjustment problems that must be confronted, including guilt, anger, and a desire to retain a sense of normalcy. (MB)
Descriptors: Adjustment (to Environment), Cancer, Children, Diseases
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