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Matsumura, Tamiko – Journal of Education for Librarianship, 1982
Outlines development of library education in Japan, highlighting its inception in 1903, the Japan Library School (1951; presently at Keio University), the University of Library and Information Science (1979), federal legislation including the Library Law (1950) and School Library Law (1953), and the "Standards for Education for…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Educational History, Federal Legislation, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Brumberg, Joan Jacobs – Child Development, 1982
Guided by a set of assumptions drawn from the fields of anthropology, history, sociology of medicine, and human development, this study provides a historical description and analysis of chlorosis, a disease linked solely to female adolescence in the period from 1870 to 1920. (MP)
Descriptors: Adolescents, Anemia, Cultural Influences, Disease Incidence
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Frisbie, Charlotte J. – American Indian Quarterly, 1982
Designed to attempt an assessment of the quality and quantity of information on traditional Navajo women in view of feminist concerns about the treatment of women in ethnography, data from 10 basic ethnographies on the Navajos and 14 published life histories of Navajo men and women are explored. (Author)
Descriptors: American Indian Culture, Ethnography, Females, Life Style
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Leighton, Dorothea C. – American Indian Quarterly, 1982
Recollection of the lives of Navajo women and men on the eastern part of the reservation in 1940 are presented. The multiplicity of responsibilities of a traditional Navajo woman is reflected in the Navajo puberty ceremony for girls, Kinaalda. (ERB)
Descriptors: American Indian Culture, Child Rearing, Females, Life Style
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shepardson, Mary – American Indian Quarterly, 1982
Compares Navajo women's positions at three periods: in traditional society before stock reduction (1868-1933); during and after stock reduction (1933 to early 1950s); and at the present day (1980s). (Author)
Descriptors: American Indian Culture, American Indian Education, Employment, Females
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Maetozo, Matthew G. – Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 1983
The history of physical education in China is briefly sketched, and the importance which the government of the People's Republic of China places upon physical fitness and competitive athletics is explained. Elementary secondary school physical education curriculum, college programs, and efforts to train physical education teachers are described.…
Descriptors: Athletics, Educational Objectives, Educational Practices, Elementary Secondary Education
Lawton, Rudy – NJEA Review, 1983
The civil rights accomplishments and precepts of Dr. King are reviewed and parallels are drawn to the present problems of public education. It is argued that a belief such as his, in people of good will, must be reawakened to force the schools to be passionate and compassionate institutions. (Author/CM)
Descriptors: Blacks, Citizenship Responsibility, Civil Rights, Desegregation Methods
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Johnson, Walton R. – Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 1982
Describes the historical relationship of education in South Africa to political and economic events; demonstrates how the current educational system is being manipulated to sustain apartheid; and emphasizes that education must be used to promote social change and create a more egalitarian social order. (Author/MJL)
Descriptors: African History, Blacks, Educational Development, Educational Discrimination
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
MacGaffey, Wyatt – Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 1982
Analyzes the relationship of indigenous and western educational systems in lower Zaire during the transformation from the lineage form of production that prevailed in precolonial times to a form of dependent capitalism. Explores the relationships between education, religion, social structure, and social stratification patterns, especially among…
Descriptors: African History, Church Role, Colonialism, Cultural Influences
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Harris, J. John, III – Journal of Black Studies, 1982
Provides a historical overview of racial issues in American education, discussing court litigation both before and since the "Brown" decision. Holds that, despite positive changes since "Brown" mandated school desegregation, there now exists a real danger of social, economic, and educational regression for Blacks. (Author/MJL)
Descriptors: Black Education, Black History, Blacks, Court Litigation
Baird, Kitty R. – 1978
This brief history of women's participation in college sports at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, is divided into four sections. The first period prior to 1901 coincides with the later Victorian era. The second period from 1901 to 1926 includes the first World War and the passage of the 19th amendment. The years from 1926 to 1959 are spanned…
Descriptors: Attitude Change, College Programs, Exercise (Physiology), Intramural Athletics
Sims, Judy R.; Giordano, Joseph – 1993
A research study assessed the amount of front page newspaper coverage allotted to "character/competence/image" issues versus "platform/political" issues in the 1992 presidential campaign. Using textual analysis, methodology of content analysis, researchers coded the front page of the following 5 newspapers between August 1 and…
Descriptors: Agenda Setting, Content Analysis, Higher Education, Journalism Research
Trauth, Denise M.; Huffman, John L. – 1979
The rationale for broadcast regulation has undergone some changes over the years. At first, the rationale for such regulation was based on the concept that the airwaves are owned by the public and that the regulatory bodies act as agents for the public in controlling what is transmitted. In 1943, the United States Supreme Court built a rationale…
Descriptors: Broadcast Industry, Censorship, Communication (Thought Transfer), Court Litigation
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