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Search Tips
The resources related to the Thesaurus are for new users as well as experienced searchers. They are designed to provide information about ERIC's controlled vocabulary and give guidance on using descriptors for more precise searches.
Why Use Descriptors in Your ERIC Search
All ERIC records are tagged with descriptors, which are used to indicate the subjects addressed in the article, report, or book indexed in ERIC. In this video, we will show you three ways descriptors can enhance searching in ERIC.
Finding the Right Descriptors for Your Search
Video that helps ERIC searchers find descriptors that match their topic.
How ERIC Develops Thesaurus Terms
preview image
Infographic showing how ERIC develops Thesaurus descriptors, which are used to index ERIC content.
Using Broader and Narrower Terms From the ERIC Thesaurus
This video shows how to use the thesaurus hierarchy of broader and narrower terms to find additional descriptors you can use in your searches.
ERIC Thesaurus Update 2021: Meeting the Challenges to Support Critical Research
This webinar addresses how ERIC balanced support to research efforts during the 2020 pandemic with the ongoing work of updating the thesaurus. Find out the new thesaurus terms and identifiers and how IES is using the thesaurus to tag work on its website for the Regional Educational Laboratories.
ERIC Thesaurus and Identifier Update
This webinar covers the 2019 update to the ERIC Thesaurus and identifiers. It describes what’s new, what’s changed, and how to find more information about the thesaurus and identifiers in ERIC.