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Grantee and Online Submission
Submitting Federally Funded Research to ERIC
This webinar will familiarize you with IES requirements for making funded research publicly available, provide a demonstration of the ERIC Grantee and Online Submission System, and give useful tips to ensure you have a successful submission to ERIC.
Tips for Using the ERIC Online Submission System
The ERIC Online Submission System is an open system for federal grantees and individual authors to use for submitting their research to ERIC. This video provides guidance on preparing work for submission online and tips to insure a successful submission.
Tips for a Successful Grantee or Online Submission to ERIC
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This infographic explains how federal grantees and other authors can submit their research to ERIC through the online system. Key requirements for successful upload are highlighted.
IES Public Access Policy: How Grantees and Contractors Meet The Requirements by Making Their Research Available in ERIC
The Institute of Education Sciences' Public Access Policy demonstrates IES's commitment to advancing education by sharing its funded research. This video describes how grantees and contractors can ensure that the full text of their work becomes publicly available in ERIC. Find out how to identify journals that have agreed to release full text in ERIC and under what conditions you are responsible for submitting your work through the online submission system.
How Do I Provide Evidence That My Online Submission Was Peer Reviewed?
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This infographic explains how authors can provide evidence of peer review for non-grantee work submitted to ERIC through the online submission system.
ERIC: How IES is Increasing Access to Full Text, Peer Reviewed Education Research
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Webinar led by CENDI, an inter-agency working group of science and technical information professionals, that describes the redesign of the ERIC website.
Tips and Best Practices for Writing ERIC Abstracts
Video that describes what an abstract is, defines the key elements, and provides tips and best practices to help you write a good abstract.
Contributing Research to ERIC through the Online Submission System
Webinar describing how federal grantees and other authors can make their work available via the ERIC Online Submission System.