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How Do I Export More Than 2K Records from an ERIC API Search?
The ERIC Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to export and save your search results. This video shows you two ways to save more than 2,000 records at a time, either manually or through automation.
Are There Additional Field Tags for ERIC Searches?
This video highlights some of the field tags found on ERIC's Advanced Search Tips web page. The field:term format or syntax helps users find specific resources in ERIC.
5 Quick "Do's and Don'ts" for Your ERIC Search
Having trouble with your search? This quick video points out five search practices to help avoid problems.

These are specialized resources for students, researchers, and all ERIC searchers. They include basic search tips, targeted guidance on searching ERIC to obtain research materials for a paper or systematic evidence review, and information on how to search using ERIC's newer fields that connect users with additional resources on the IES website.

How Do I Find Full Text in ERIC?
This quick, "how-to" video shows you alternative ways to find the full text of articles and reports when they cannot display in ERIC.
Searching ERIC
Video that provides tips on how to get the most out of your ERIC search.
How Do I Start Using the ERIC API?
Wondering how to get started using the ERIC API for searching and saving results? This quick video gives you step-by-step instructions.
Overview of the ERIC API
This video provides an overview of the ERIC API, a tool that can be used to access ERIC's freely available metadata. The video covers the basics of what an API is, who uses the ERIC API and why, where to access it, and how to get started using the API in ERIC.
Introducing the ERIC API
This webinar provides information about the ERIC API and includes demonstrations on how to use the tool to access and download the free ERIC metadata. Use the link below to access a PDF of the Jupyter Notebook session demonstrated in the webinar. Please contact to request the Jupyter notebook itself.
Use the ERIC API to Search and Export Records for A Literature Review
The video highlights how researchers can use the ERIC API to export search results into an Excel file to aid in a literature review.
Why Use Descriptors in Your ERIC Search
All ERIC records are tagged with descriptors, which are used to indicate the subjects addressed in the article, report, or book indexed in ERIC. In this video, we will show you three ways descriptors can enhance searching in ERIC.
Finding the Right Descriptors for Your Search
Video that helps ERIC searchers find descriptors that match their topic.
What are ERIC Identifiers?
preview image
Infographic that describes and demonstrates the use of identifiers to enhance searches in ERIC.
How to Use ERIC Identifiers
Video that describes and demonstrates the use of identifiers to enhance searches in ERIC. Identifiers are standardized proper nouns and a controlled vocabulary for ERIC.
How ERIC Can Help You Write a Research Paper
Video providing step-by-step instruction on how to narrow your topic, use search filters, and take advantage of the ERIC Thesaurus to target specific resources.
Using ERIC for Systematic Evidence Reviews
Webinar demonstrating how to conduct a systematic evidence review using the search tools available on the ERIC website at
ERIC for Policymakers – A Gateway to Free Resources
ERIC indexes free full-text materials that can support the work of education policymakers. This webinar explains what policymakers need to know about ERIC, including the kinds of relevant full-text resources that are available and how to search for them quickly and easily.
How ERIC Author Links Help Users
Video describing how the author links found in some ERIC records can help users looking for specific author information.
How Do You Use the What Works Clearinghouse Links in ERIC Records?
Video demonstrating linking from an ERIC record to the features available on WWC study pages.
Using ERIC Links to IES Publication and Funding Information
Video addressing the links in some ERIC records to IES publication details and funding information.
Guide to the ERIC Record
preview image
This guide depicts the record structure and provides descriptions of the fields. The descriptions provide insight to the purpose and content of each field.
Tour of an ERIC Record
This webinar provides an overview of the fields in the ERIC record, takes a deeper look at fields that are not self-explanatory, and answers the most frequently asked questions about the ERIC fields.