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The information about the collection is for publishers and organizations interested in having materials indexed in ERIC. The resources are also useful for librarians, researchers, and others who want to see who contributes content to the collection and find out how ERIC assigns the peer-review flag to records.
How ERIC Selects New Sources
Video showing the formal process for selecting new sources that enhance the usefulness of the collection.
ERIC Selection Policy
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Infographic that walks users through the types of materials eligible for inclusion in ERIC.
How ERIC Reviews and Selects New Sources
This webinar provides guidance to publishers seeking to have their journals or documents indexed in ERIC. It covers ERIC's process for reviewing candidate sources, key criteria for selection, the difference between education research and subject matter content, and the process to discontinue a source.
Who Contributes Content to ERIC?
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Infographic providing metrics related to ERIC's content providers including journal publishers, grey literature and book sources, and individual contributors.
Copyright in ERIC
This video provides information on ERIC's copyright policy, when and how to seek permission from copyright holders, and what materials in ERIC may be freely used because they are in the public domain.
How Does ERIC Assign the Peer-Review Flag?
Video describing how ERIC determines if materials have been peer reviewed, and how the peer-review flag gets assigned to ERIC records.
ERIC Selection Policy - Proposed Updates
Webinar that discusses why ERIC periodically needs to review and update the ERIC Selection Policy, and shares 2017 proposed updates.
Restoring Access to ERIC's PDFs
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Webinar addressing why ERIC removed access to full-text documents and the process the ERIC team took to restore the PDFs.