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About ERIC
Video answering basic questions, such as What is ERIC? What's in the collection? How do I access and use the free website at
Searching ERIC
Video that provides tips on how to get the most out of your ERIC search.
How is the IES Version of ERIC Different From Other Access Options?
This video clarifies the differences between the publicly available ERIC database provided by the Institute of Education Sciences and versions of ERIC offered by third parties.
These resources are for new and novice users, as well as frequent ERIC visitors. The videos, infographics, and webinars provide basic information about the collection, ERIC users, and how new records are added. The ERIC Year in Review infographic and update webinars are intended to keep users informed about new ERIC features, content, and collection usage.
ERIC for Free
ERIC is provided for free to all users by the US Department of Education. This short video describes the almost 2 million education research materials and other features available at
This quick video explains how searchers can get copyright permission to use material available in ERIC.
Who uses ERIC?
preview image
Infographic highlighting ERIC's main user groups.
Who Contributes Content to ERIC?
preview image
Infographic providing metrics related to ERIC‘s content providers including journal publishers, grey literature and book sources, and individual contributors.
How Records Get into ERIC: A Look Behind the Scenes
Webinar showing a look behind the scenes in ERIC to find out how materials are selected, acquired, and processed to ensure a fresh and vibrant collection.
How Research Becomes an ERIC Record
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Infographic that depicts how research materials progress from source selection through record processing and addition to the ERIC collection.
Types of Materials Indexed in ERIC
This video explains our policies on the types of materials ERIC will include in the collection to help you decide if your resources are a good fit for ERIC.
How Do Searchers Use ERIC?
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This infographic shows select ERIC metrics for 2021 related to searches and content views and downloads for active sources by topic area.
ERIC Resources for College and University-Based Users
This video helps college and university-based users including students, faculty, and librarians learn about ERIC's multimedia resources available to support their work and studies.
Finding Full-Text Materials in ERIC
Video providing guidance on how to find full text in ERIC and the types of full-text materials that are available.
Copyright in ERIC
This video provides information on ERIC's copyright policy, when and how to seek permission from copyright holders, and what materials in ERIC may be freely used because they are in the public domain.
Creating Citations Using Elements in the ERIC Record
Video that can help you format citations using elements found in the ERIC record.
Tips and Best Practices for Writing ERIC Abstracts
Video that describes what an abstract is, defines the key elements, and provides tips and best practices to help you write a good abstract.
Guide to the ERIC Record
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This guide depicts the record structure and provides descriptions of the fields. The descriptions provide insight to the purpose and content of each field.
Tour of an ERIC Record
This webinar provides an overview of the fields in the ERIC record, takes a deeper look at fields that are not self-explanatory, and answers the most frequently asked questions about the ERIC fields.
Does ERIC Make Changes to Existing Records?
This video addresses our working policy for making changes to records, and the kinds of changes ERIC will and will not make. It also discusses the process used when we receive a request for modifications. Find out more about the types of changes we prioritize and how the process we use maintains the consistency of the records in the ERIC database.
May I Have My Content Removed from ERIC?
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This infographic explains the ERIC policy on removing content and highlights common removal request and ERIC responses.
ERIC Product Guide
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This guide lists all of ERIC's videos, infographics, and webinars on a single page, with a link to each resource.
How Can I Deliver My Content to ERIC?
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This infographic shows the different methods available to publishers for providing their content to ERIC for inclusion in the collection.
ERIC Year in Review 2019
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Infographic providing highlights of new features and statistics on new content, sources, and ERIC usage in 2019.
ERIC Update 2017
Webinar describing how recent enhancements in ERIC, plus our ongoing work and future plans, benefit ERIC stakeholders.