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IES Public Access Policy
Video covering the fundamentals of grantee and contractor submission to ERIC, such as what you must submit and why it is important to upload your work to ERIC.
ERIC: How IES is Increasing Access to Full Text, Peer Reviewed Education Research
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Webinar led by CENDI, an inter-agency working group of science and technical information professionals, that describes the redesign of the ERIC website.
Restoring Access to ERIC's PDFs
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Webinar addressing why ERIC removed access to full-text documents and the process the ERIC team took to restore the PDFs.
ERIC Improvements to Enrich Your Research
This video describes ERIC's new fields and other major enhancements.
Town Hall Meeting - Proposed Changes to ERIC's Peer Review Policy
This virtual Town Hall Meeting was held on September 15, 2015 to discuss proposed changes to ERIC's Peer Review Policy with the ERIC user community.