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Grantee and Contractor Requirements

What is the Institute of Education Sciences Policy Regarding Public Access to Research?

Beginning in FY 2012, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) requires its grantees and contractors to submit their peer-reviewed research publications to ERIC. Grantees and contractors are required to submit the electronic version of their final manuscripts upon acceptance for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or as a final deliverable by the Department. For more information, see the IES Policy Regarding Public Access to Research and the following video.

How do I know if I have to submit work to ERIC?

This flow chart should help with your decision:

IES Public Access Flow Chart

Our organization produces materials (e.g., research reports) that are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. How should they be submitted to ERIC?

U.S. Department of Education grantees and contractors producing reports and related research published in fulfillment of work requirements should submit these materials to ERIC through our Online Submission System. Select 'Yes' to the question “Has your work been funded (in whole or in part) by a U.S. government research grant or contract?” and enter the grant or contract number into the submission form and include it on the submitted PDF. Please also specify the funding source within the Department and include this information on the submitted PDF as well.

What if my publisher does not give me permission to deposit my work in ERIC?

It is the grantee’s/contractor’s responsibility not to sign away the right to deposit their work in ERIC. Because submission in ERIC is a condition of award, this must be negotiated prior to being accepted for publication.

How can I get a waiver?

There are no waivers for this policy. Please contact your grant or contracting officer for any questions about the conditions of your award.

What is the final, peer-reviewed manuscript?

The author’s final manuscript is defined as the final version accepted for journal publication and includes all modifications from the peer-review process. This is different from the journal version in that it may not have final formatting and editing.

My article is “in press”—do I still need to put a date on the PDF?

Yes. Every PDF must show either a publication, completion, acceptance, or “online first” date. The date shown on the PDF must be the same as the date entered in the submission form.

The journal I am publishing in is already indexed in ERIC. Do I still need to submit this work to ERIC?

Yes. In order to comply with your grant or contract, you must submit your final peer-reviewed manuscript to ERIC unless it was published by IES.

Do you have agreements with publishers to submit final, peer-reviewed manuscripts on the author’s behalf?

No, this requirement is the responsibility of the grantee or contractor.

When do I need to submit my work to ERIC?

Grantees and contractors are required to submit their work to ERIC as soon as the article has been accepted for publication in a journal or accepted by the Department as a final deliverable.

When will my work be visible in ERIC?

The citation and abstract of your work will be available in ERIC within 30-60 days of submission. The full-text PDF of your work will be available in ERIC after a 12-month embargo period from the publication or completion date. The full text of contractor-produced work will be available immediately.

Do all deliverables need to be submitted to ERIC?

If you produce work for IES that is peer reviewed and not published by IES, then it should be submitted through the Online Submission System.

How will my work be displayed in ERIC?

Grant-funded work will be displayed as a Grantee Submission in ERIC. The citation will be available immediately and the full text will be displayed after a 12-month embargo from the publication or completion date. If the journal is indexed by ERIC, there will be a journal citation for that article as well. For an example, see here.

Contractor-funded work will be displayed with the contractor name as the source. The work will be identified by the contract number entered in ERIC. For example, see here.

Can my submission be considered a Grantee Submission if the funding comes from some other entity than the U.S. Government?

No. This publication type is only used for work funded by the U.S. Government. Work that is funded by countries outside of the United States, U.S.-based foundations or other private organizations, or state organizations will be indexed as online submissions. Their funding information will not be included in the record.