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Changing or Removing Records

Can I revise a paper I submitted to ERIC?

ERIC assumes that the submitted work is in final form and that all of the metadata provided is accurate. We will only make changes to records if the modification is necessary for locating the record through a search in ERIC. See more about our policy on making changes to records in the video.

Does ERIC remove records or full text on request?

ERIC only removes records under exceptional circumstances, such as instances of plagiarism, copyright violation, or other unethical practices. However, we do not arbitrate or adjudicate these claims. If you believe there is a warranted reason for removing a record or full text from ERIC, please contact the publisher or copyright holder. If the publisher informs us that they have retracted the article or document, ERIC will remove the content from the collection.

To read our preservation policy, see the ERIC Selection Policy.

For more information, see the video.