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How do materials get indexed in ERIC?

Journal articles, reports, conference papers and other materials become indexed in ERIC through a formal review process. Materials from approved journals and other content sources under agreement are selected and indexed, and new records are added to the collection.

The infographic PDF on ERICHow Research Becomes an ERIC Record and the recorded webinar below walk through the steps articles take to get indexed in ERIC.

Who contributes content to ERIC?

ERIC obtains content from journal publishers, grey literature and book sources, and grantees and individuals submitting materials through ERIC's Online Submission System. See the infographic PDF on ERICWho Contributes Content to ERIC which provides metrics related to ERIC's content providers.

What is the selection policy?

The ERIC Selection Policy establishes the standard and criteria for selecting materials for the library. It is revised periodically. The PDF on ERICERIC Selection Policy infographic gives a summary of the policy. For details on the most recent update to the policy, watch the recorded webinar.

What types of material does ERIC index?

ERIC indexes education research found in journal articles, books, and grey literature. See our video to find out the specific types of materials that we will and will not index.

How can I get my journal or non-journal materials indexed in ERIC?

Twice a year ERIC reviews new potential sources against the ERIC Selection Policy. Before nominating a source, please review the policy to see if your material satisfies the requirements. If so, send an email to Please include the journal title, publisher, and ISSN (if applicable), or your association or organization name, and a link to sample content, if possible. For more information on ERIC's source selection policies and processes, see our video and recorded webinar.

How do I submit my paper, report, or article to be indexed in ERIC?

The ERIC Online Submission System can be found at