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ERIC Selection Policy
The ERIC Selection Policy establishes the standards and criteria for selecting materials for inclusion in the ERIC collection. It states broad collection goals and defines the standards and criteria required of approved sources and individual materials in the ERIC digital library. The purpose of the selection policy is to provide consistency in the approach for reviewing and selecting sources and individual items, and clearly communicate policy and process to staff, users, publishers, and individual submitters of material.

In May 2024, ERIC released a new selection policy that communicates ERIC’s processes and policies for selecting new sources of content to publishers, producers of non-journal content, and ERIC users. The changes to the selection policy are discussed in this blog, webinar, and questions from the webinar.

The following list of journals and non-journals are approved to be indexed in ERIC. New sources will be reviewed for inclusion based on the new selection policy twice a year.

Learn more about our Selection Policy in this infographic.

PDF File Download, view, and print the ERIC Selection Policy