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Kidd, Terry T., Ed.; Keengwe, Jared, Ed. – Information Science Reference, 2010
As instructors move further into the incorporation of 21st century technologies in adult education, a new paradigm of digitally-enriched mediated learning has emerged. This book provides a comprehensive framework of trends and issues related to adult learning for the facilitation of authentic learning in the age of digital technology. This…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Electronic Learning, Educational Technology, Web Sites
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This symposium on workplace issues in human resources consists of two presentations. "The Effect of Organizational Structure on Single-Source and Multiple-Source Performance Appraisal Processes: Implications for Human Resource Development (HRD)" (Karen K. Yarrish, Judith A. Kolb) investigates ratee acceptance of single- and multi-source…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Aging (Individuals), Career Development, Career Education
This document contains three papers from a symposium on workplace issues that was conducted as part of a conference on human resource development (HRD). "Maximizing Opportunities for the Aging Workforce through Workplace Design" (Virginia W. Kupritz), reports on the second phase of study of the office design features needed to provide older…
Descriptors: Accessibility (for Disabled), Adult Learning, Age Differences, Aging (Individuals)
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Stein, David M.; DeBerard, Scott – Journal of School Counseling, 2010
An important hiring criterion maintained by some school districts is that school counselors possess a teaching certificate and prior teaching experience. The present study examined the actual job performance of novice school counselor (interns) in relation to whether they had teacher certification and at least two years of teaching experience, or…
Descriptors: Job Performance, Counselor Training, Teaching Skills, School Counseling
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Wanstreet, Constance E.; Stein, David S. – American Journal of Distance Education, 2011
This study investigated the small-group, learner-led discussion process in synchronous discussions. Transcripts from online chats and face-to-face discussions were analyzed within the context of the Community of Inquiry framework to examine the relationship of teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence to one another and for…
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Inquiry, Models, Asynchronous Communication
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Stein, David S. – New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development, 2006
In a movement toward workforce development as an academic entity, the identity of adult education as projects for inquiry is troubled. In some academic programs, adult education has been termed adult learning in the service of promoting teaching and learning for the workplace. However, adult education's inquiry, its projects, might be more than…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Learning, Research Projects, Educational Research
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Stein, David S.; Wanstreet, Constance; Trinko, Lynn A. – Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 2011
This study identified factors associated with the decision to enroll in a higher education degree program. In the context of predicting enrollment in a workforce development credentialing program, this study identified six variables that are strongly related to the likelihood to enroll: time out of school; possibilities for intellectual, personal,…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Reputation, Distance Education, Interests
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Varekojis, Sarah M.; Miller, Larry; Schiller, M. Rosita; Stein, David – Health Education, 2011
Purpose: This paper aims to describe the relationship between functional health literacy level and smoking cessation outcomes. Design/methodology/approach: Participants in an inpatient smoking cessation program in a mid-western city in the USA were enrolled and the Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults was administered while the…
Descriptors: Health Education, Smoking, Incidence, Patients
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Stein, David S.; Wanstreet, Constance E.; Slagle, Paula; Trinko, Lynn A.; Lutz, Michelle – Internet and Higher Education, 2013
This exploratory study examined the effect of a coaching and feedback intervention in teaching presence and social presence on higher-order thinking in an online community of inquiry. Coaching occurred before each chat, and feedback was provided immediately afterwards. The findings suggest that over time, the frequency of higher-order thinking…
Descriptors: Thinking Skills, Coaching (Performance), Feedback (Response), Synchronous Communication
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Stein, David S.; Calvin, Jennifer; Wanstreet, Constance E. – Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 2009
This naturalistic inquiry explored the theory of transactional distance by investigating how a novice adult learner experiences an online environment. Three themes that are related to how the novice learner reduces the transactional distance space emerged from an analysis of interview transcripts: creating a voice for learning, connecting in a…
Descriptors: Distance Education, Adult Students, Learning Experience, Educational Environment
Wanstreet, Constance E.; Stein, David S. – Online Submission, 2006
The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in satisfaction with Web-based course activities as a function of the degree of perceived teaching, cognitive, and social presence. Results indicated that the degree of perceived teaching presence led to greater satisfaction with course activities. Results suggest that communities of inquiry can…
Descriptors: Web Based Instruction, Internet, Student Attitudes, Teacher Student Relationship
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Wade-Stein, David; Kintsch, Eileen – Cognition and Instruction, 2004
Summary Street is educational software based on latent semantic analysis (LSA), a computer method for representing the content of texts. The classroom trial described here demonstrates the power of LSA to support an educational goal by providing automatic feedback on the content of students' summaries. Summary Street provides this feedback in an…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Computer Software, Writing Skills, Writing Instruction
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Stein, David S. – New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 2002
Learning in community means creating local knowledge from aspects of community life. Adult educators can help community members become co-creators of knowledge through a process of committing, contracting, campaigning, contributing, communicating, and continuing. (Contains 24 references.) (SK)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Learning, Community Education, Community Involvement
Stein, David – 2000
The 21st century may become known as the era of lifelong learning and lifelong working. Retirement, the end stage of a linear working life, may be replaced with a learning, working, leisure, working, learning life cycle. Forced retirements and early retirement incentives have contributed to the decline of expertise in the workplace. Inflation,…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Education Work Relationship, Educational Needs, Educational Research
Stein, David – 2000
Critical reflection blends learning through experience with theoretical and technical learning to form new knowledge constructions and new behaviors or insights. Through the process of critical reflection, adults come to interpret and create new knowledge and actions from their experiences. It is generally agreed that critical reflection consists…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Learning, Classroom Techniques, Critical Thinking
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